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Useful Guides and Tips on how to select stadium lights.

LED Replacement for Halogen Complete Guide

Don't you think that choosing the LED replacement for halogen is quite a painful process? Well, if you think so, there must some reasons for that. The main reason is that they are quite used to Halogen bulbs(it’s lighting their life for more than 10 years...

Reasons to Choose LED Stadium Lights

People know that LED Stadium Light, unlike Metal Halide lighting, have almost zero warm-up time. They reach maximum brightness almost instantly. This is one of the main advantages LED Stadium Lights has over Metal Halide lights and other traditional lights. But, What...

Lumens vs Watts

If you’re used to calculating LED Light or other light sources in watt, you're not alone. Really, the lack of information makes it difficult for us to find the right amount LED lumens for a specific area. Therefore, we have compiled this article to show you how lumens...


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